Investing in our Future

Meritus helps low-income San Francisco youth with grit and ambition complete a college degree and prepare for post-college success through a combination of scholarships, coaching, and career mentorship.

Meritus Students Combine Grit and Ambition

  • 80% from families with incomes below $40,000
  • 85% are the first in their families to go to college and come from circumstances marked by poverty, recent immigration, language barriers, societal tensions, gangs, drugs, violence, and family distress
  • Achieve high school GPAs ranging from 3.0-3.7
  • 83% attend colleges in California

Meritus Scholar Profiles


Our Graduation Rates

Meritus is proud of the graduation rates of our scholars. 88% of our Scholars graduate from four-year colleges,
compared with 23% of low-income students nationally.

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Grace Fowler, Student Advisor, Joins Meritus

This week, we welcomed Grace Fowler to the Meritus team as our new Student Advisor. She will work closely with the 240 current Meritus Scholars to provide individualized advising and support. Prior to joining the Meritus team, Grace served two terms with AmeriCorps in the Twin Cities, Minnesota... Read More »

To, Through, and After College: Meritus at the NCAN Conference

A central belief of the Meritus Career Development Program is that the experience of being the first in their families to attend college, while challenging, provides our Scholars with a unique set of assets as they enter the workforce. This week Executive Director Diana Wolf and Director of... Read More »

College Scorecard Reading List

On September 12th President Obama unveiled the new College Scorecard, a database that provides a host of information such as graduation rate, percentage of first-generation students, and typical debt load for more than 3,500 colleges and universities. This was exciting news for Meritus, as we will... Read More »